It is better to invest in basic clothes that are not seasonal. It really is not worth paying very expensive something that is seasonal or this trend, because normally we use it little. Obviously you can buy what you want and pay the price you want, but it is better to invest in basic and timeless clothes, because we will use them all year. It is also important to pay a little more good pants or jeans that we feel good, because think that we will last a lot.


  • When you go to buy clothes on Abel Prasad, make sure you are comfortable. Go with some sneakers or comfortable shoes, a bag that can be hung and you do not have to hold all the time and, above all, not weigh much. Also think that you have to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to remove and put on, because you are going to try on clothes.
  • Be clear about your objective and budget. It is important that you are clear about the budget you have available. When we go with the card we do not control the money that we spend, but it is important to know what we want to spend and what we want to spend, to not find surprises.
  • What combine Do not buy clothes because you like them only? Think also with what you will be able to combine them, and think of different possible combinations.
  • Do not go shopping when you are tired, hungry or in a hurry. Sometimes these factors can make us buy the first one we find and make bad purchases.

  • Watch with clothes that are lowered. Check well that they do not have any flaws, and really think that you buy them because you like them and not because they are recessed and they are a bid.
  • Try your clothes consciously. For example: if you try on a dress, do not leave your sneakers when you look in the mirror. Take a pair of heels to see the effect. Sometimes these little details can make us stay in a dress or that we see ourselves wrong with it on.
  • If you need to buy a lot of clothes, it is better to divide it in a couple or three of days. If we want to buy everything on the same day, we may get saturated and end up buying the first thing we find.