What to Wear at Music Festivals- The Dos and Don’ts

The arrival of summer means that there will be tons of music festivals to attend. While everyone looks forward to attending them, there is one question that often causes a bit of stress; what to wear? Obviously, you want to look good and cool, but don’t have any idea about the kind of clothes that would work. If you want to avoid making fashion blunders that people often make at music festivals, here is a list of the dos and don’ts you should bear in mind:

Don’t wear low cut T-shirts

No matter how good you look in a low cut T-shirt or how built you are, it is definitely not a good idea to wear them. Sure, Hugh Jackman can pull them off, but there is a time and place for wearing these shirts and a music festival is definitely not it.

Do opt for a ‘brand merch’ T-shirt

In the last few years, it is not just musicians like Kanye West and Justin Bieber who have upped their game, but a large number of brands have also begun to launch new logo T-shirts. Instead of opting for the ubiquitous Smith or Rolling Stone shirts, it is better to get a bold shirt from a brand you prefer and express your fandom with something graphic.

Don’t try for fancy dress

You are a grown up now, which means it is time to leave the idea of fancy dressing behind. Take a step back if you are really considering going for something themed because it really is not the wise choice if you want to look good and stay comfortable.

Do try some trends

There are different trends that you can consider when trying to come up with good attire for music festivals. You can opt for the disco trend of the 70s or the Electronic music fashion trend that can be great for giving you a sleek appearance.

Don’t put on a man-kini or board shorts

Yes, it is hot out there and you want to be comfortable, but board shorts and man-kini are a definite no-no. You will be able to get your legs out, but the tan lines you get are definitely not impressive.

Do go with a pair of swim shorts

Since you want to keep yourself cool, you can go with a pair of smart swim shorts. Made from breathable and quick-drying material, swim shorts tend to be very flattering for all body shapes.

Don’t choose a bad hat

Branded straw hats, cowboy hats and Trilbys are considered common at music festivals, but this doesn’t mean they look good. It is best to avoid them, even if you are getting them for free at the entrance, as is the norm.

Do go with a baseball hat

If you want to wear something to cover your head, a baseball hat is a good option. You can find tons of minimal and smart baseball caps that can work for you.