Top Ways to Get Thicker Hair

There is no woman who would want thin, flat and limp hair because they don’t give you many styling options and they don’t look good. Does that mean you can only envy women who have bountiful and thick locks? Definitely not. You can also have the luscious and full hair you have dreamt about by trying out the tricks outlined below:

  • Choose hair thickening products

Look for thickening shampoos and conditioners. They are a tried and true method of volumizing, but they take a little time to take effect so you shouldn’t use them for immediate results.

  • Go for a haircut

While some people often use terms such as ‘thicker’ and ‘longer’ hair interchangeably, they are quite different. Women who have thin hair can add volume to their locks by opting for a shorter or at least a medium-length haircut. Fine or thin hair that’s very long can end up looking stringy because they are weighed down by the sheer length.

  • Use a little root lifter

You can give your hair a fuller look when you decide to mist with this handy product. Hair that’s flat to the head is going to look thin, but if you use a root lifter, they will become a bit bouncy and you will see some volume.

  • Think about highlights

If you don’t have anything against coloring your hair, you could try adding some new foils. Highlighting tends to give your hair more depth. As it can give dimension to your mane, it will create an illusion of fuller locks rather than single-toned and flat hair. You can talk to your stylist and ask them about the best highlights for your face.

  • Invest in quality extensions

Hair extensions are a natural looking and effective way of making your hair look thicker. Brazilian virgin human hair can be an excellent choice, especially when you get a professional to put them in. No one is going to realize you are wearing extensions and you ca enjoy the volume you have always wanted.

  • Try a ceramic brush when you blow dry

Post-shower, if you use the right tools, you can make your hair appear more bouncy and thicker. A ceramic brush should be used when you are blow drying your hair as it will make them smooth, frizz free and also add some volume.

  • Eat supplements for hair health

Female-patterned hair thinning occurs due to the fluctuation in hormones as hair follicles are very sensitive. Consult a specialist and they will recommend hormonal prescription medications that can be helpful in making your hair thicker. You can also find other supplements that contain vitamins and minerals needed by your hair for promoting growth.

  • Take advantage of dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is, without a doubt, a miracle of the modern world. Not only can it make your locks clean, but spraying some dry shampoo on the roots and massaging it will provide them with some volume.

These are some simple yet powerful ways to get thicker, bouncy and shiny hair.