Top 10 beauty Brands in India

Indian cosmetic industry has grown a lot in the past few years. Thanks to the Indian women who have become conscious about themselves. Rather than having the image of the women who are sacrificing in nature, tolerating the injustice done by the men and less educated, modern Indian women live their life at the stake of their own choices. Thus, the modern women are happily buying the beauty and the cosmetic products for getting the attractive looks. This helps them in boosting their confidence level and enhancing their personality to a great extent. These days, lots of beauty brands have popped- up in the market. Therefore, there are multiple options for the women to choose the best beauty products which are skin friendly and help them in enhancing their beauty.


  • Lakme: It is the most popular Indian cosmetic brands. From the lipstick to sun screen lotion, eye liner, mascara, face back and foundation, you can get almost every makeup product and the skin care product in this brand.  You can get Lakme products at Purplle website.
  • Himalaya herbals: This is the most trusted herbal beauty company in India. It offers wide range of herbal beauty products to the Indian Women.  All the products of this company are made up of the natural and herbal ingredients only.
  • Shahnaz Hussain: The range of Shahnaz Husain beauty products was launched by the top Indian Beautician Shahnaz Husain. She has founded the beauty product range with the blend of herbal and natural ingredients. Body care products and hair care products are available from this brand.
  • Biotique: This is an India based cosmetic brand which aims at treating various types of skin troubles of the Indian women. It offers the beauty products including anti wrinkle cream, body scrub, dark circle lotion, moisturizer, lip balm, oil, shampoos and conditioners, masks etc.
  • Khadi Natural: If you are searching for the products from the beauty brand on which you can trust blindly for your skin, then Khadi natural is the one. This Indian beauty brand is delivering the customized choices for the customers. It offers various types of beauty products for every skin type.
  • Elle 18: This brand is dedicated for the teenagers and the young ladies. It offers lipsticks, lip balm, nail pain, nail paint remover, eye liner, mascara and compact powder. If you are looking for some bold and brighter shades of beauty products, you should surely explore this beauty brand.
  • Lotus Herbals: More than 250 of herbal cosmetic and beauty products are available from this brand. Each and every product from this brand is rich with the goodness of natural ingredients that nourishes your skin. You can get the healthier skin by using products from Lotus herbals.
  • Nykaa: This is the latest makeup brand that is getting considerable popularity in the Indian market space. Nykaa is basically an online cosmetic store that is targeted to the Indian customers. But recently, it has come up with its own range of beauty products.
  • Maybelline: It is the U.S based cosmetic and beauty brand that has a huge market share in India. It offers an affordable range of cosmetic products for the Indian women. High quality products from this brand are greatly liked by the Indian Women because of their quality and longevity. You can buy Maybelline products online at and get discounts using Nykaa coupon.
  • MAC:  This brand is another U.S based cosmetic brand which is highly popular in India.  It is recognized as the most expensive and the highest quality cosmetic and beauty brand in India. Its products are comparatively expensive than the products of the other brands however,   undoubtedly, they are of superb quality. You can get everything ranging from the lipstick, nail paint to mascara, foundation, body lotion, face pack etc. from this brand.