Tips to Choose the Best Hair & Extensions Salon in Melbourne

Finding a new hairdresser is always a tricky exercise. Whether you have had a bad experience with your current hairdresser, have moved into a new town, or are looking for a speciality service — it’s challenging sorting the top salons, from the standard salons.

Check out their social media

If a salon has work to be really proud of, they will make sure potential clients can see! If a salon only has a website, that’s not always the best indication of a really professional salon; the salon should have some presence on social media, Facebook or Instagram at least, where you are able to view their work and read consumer feedback.

Definitely check out their photos, focusing on before & afters. (Checking to see if the client has the same clothes on is a good way to check if the before and after is genuine!) Its good to see what kind of work is coming out of the salon.

Check for online reviews

Whether it’s social media — such as Facebook – or just via Google, it’s always good to check out consumer feedback. On websites, the business is able to manipulate or fabricate reviews. However, on social communities such as Facebook, you can read real reviews from real clients. Google is a really good platform to find salon reviews as the business has no way to mediate the content. Anything you read here will be totally genuine. Any salon above four stars, with more than ten reviews, should be a safe bet.

Give them a call

If a salon isn’t willing to answer your questions — they are not worth wasting your time on! Professional stylists totally understand that customers can be nervous, especially if it is a drastic change, or if it’s their first time getting extensions. They will be patient answering your questions and will give you their professional opinion.

Either give them a call or message them on Facebook.

A top salon will also offer free consultations, to ensure you are totally happy before they start any work on your hair. This is often just via a photo sent over Facebook or are happy to book you in for a free 10-minute consultation appointment.

Look for a Guarantee

Hair salons thrive on the client-service relationship. They not only require that you leave satisfied with your hair, but that the hair salon delivered on the full hair experience. Looking for a guarantee with your salon with help you reduce any doubts you might have, while also demonstrating that they truly care about their clients. The best salons will always offer a complimentary appointment if you’re not satisfied.

These are the Emilly Hadrill Melbourne tips to finding a fantastic salon. With our friendly full-time receptionist, we can promptly assist you with any enquiries whether by phone, email, website enquiry, or social media. We, of course, commit ourselves to proving everything we have mentioned and provide a 5-star service on each and every occasion.