Summer fashion: how to dress up?

To give birth to perfect combination for spring, it may be useful to know how to choose between the endless trends of Fashion Spring Summer 2017, among the most beautiful and original shoes, learning how to harmonize the colours in vogue this season.

It will be difficult not to buy one of the long dresses that begin to invade the showcase of our cities, as it will be hard not to buy at least one of the trendy skirts of Spring Summer Fashion; And what about jeans, from high-waisted pants to culotte models? Let’s see together 10 perfect combinations for spring, for the day, office, or evening, in a pub with friends or in a romantic dinner.

Sweatshirt and skirt: this is the trendiest approach seen in the winter, and combines a casual garment like a sweatshirt with a more inspiring skirt. A good contrast very suitable for young people by filiform physicists.

White shirt and jeans: classic, inevitable especially with the mildest temperatures, the white shirt also comes in Spring 2017 on all occasions and in all variants; transparent and sexy or classic, romantic and vaporous or rigorous oriental style, as well as in the most unusual versions, where it turns into a dress.

Skinny pants and leather jacket: this is a perfect fit for a day-to-day look between the leather biker jacket and the skinny trousers that touch the ankles, to which you can add a striped t-shirt, to give a bit of freshness. For a touch of femininity in addition, just add a couple of décolleté.

Flowers and stripes: the most traditional in terms of harmony will not like this union, yet the combination of the most classic stripes and the floral prints, from the geometric to the more baroque inspirations, is one of the great musts of the season.

Black and white: those who love classic combinations and refrain from eccentric colours may can only rejoice over the fact that among the trends of season comes also the classic black and white, maybe with a nice pair of white pants, a pair of shoes with a high heel and a simple black shirt.

To conclude, long dresses and long skirts come back: transparent and impalpable, perhaps asymmetrical.

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