So What’s the Verdict on White Sunglasses?

Gentleman’s Gazette published a Sunglasses Guide for Men‘ last summer. Buried deep in the text were a couple of sentences relating to sunglasses with white frames. Needless to say, the author of the guide did not write positively about them. He even referenced a female coworker whose own husband constantly wore white sunglasses even though he referred to them as is “douchebag shades”. So what’s the deal?

It is a must-ask question because there are just as many people in favor of white sunglasses as there are those vehemently against them. Over decades of designing, manufacturing, and wearing sunglasses, have we not come to some sort of verdict here? You’d never know by reading fashion and eyewear blogs.

Olympic Eyewear, a Salt Lake City company that designs and manufactures its own lines of fashion sunglasses, uses white frames on a limited basis. They say that the market for white is there, but it is a relatively small market compared to just about every other color under the sun.

Everyone’s Looking at Me

The big problem with white, according to Men’s Health magazine, is the fact that it “distracts from the rest of your look.” In simple, non-fashion-writer English, that means people will be staring at you should you decide to venture into the arena of white sunglasses. Why? Because it’s not an expected color.

We expect black frames for the most part. Our brains are also fine with browns, grays, and even neon bright colors like hot pink and florescent green. We do not expect to see white against someone’s face. On the ‘for or against’ scorecard, this one goes to ‘against’.

On the other hand, the fact that everyone is looking at you would be a good thing if you are a born narcissist. By definition, you do whatever you can to get people to notice you. So all of you narcissists out there can put a check on the ‘for’ side of your scorecard. Guess what? It’s all tied up.

The Whole Labor Day Thing

Another reason it is considered gauche to wear white sunglasses relates to the whole Labor Day thing. In other words, fashionistas still adhere to the age-old principle of not wearing white after Labor Day. But prime time for sunglasses runs from about May through the end of August. Labor Day should have nothing to do with it. But it does. If you cannot wear white sunglasses after Labor Day, should you be wearing them before? Some people think not.

White Is for Sneakers

There are some fashion-conscious people who firmly believe that, except for dresses and blouses, white is only good for sneakers. On the other hand, what if you’re a big fan of the fashion statements of celebrities like Dennis Rodman and Elton John? Then white is good for everything under the sun. A pair of oversized white sunglasses would go perfect with that snow-white suit or that brand-new bikini.

About the only judgment we can make in this regard is that the ‘white is for sneakers’ argument only works for people who have gone goth. It is impossible to pull off a goth look while sporting a pair of white wayfarers. There is just something so un-goth about anything that is not black or a fairly close shade of gray.

The evidence suggests we still haven’t come to a consensus about white sunglasses. We can put a man on the moon and wipe polio clear off the globe, but we cannot seem to figure out if white is an acceptable color for fashion eyewear. Imagine that.