Perfectly Accessorize Your Wedding

Whether you have a quiet wedding in the backyard or a formal church affair, you want your wedding to be perfectly accessorized. Jewelry, flowers, and hairpieces that look stunning in a church ceremony can look awkward and out of place at the beach. Knowing which accessories will best suit the style of your wedding will keep everyone looking beautiful.

Outdoor Ceremonies

There is a lot to consider when tying the knot outdoors. You don’t want formal accessories that will look out of place. Go for a more casual style. Keep bouquets compact, and choose flat shoes to avoid heels that may sink into the soft ground. The bride should avoid veils and select flowers or crystal hair accessories. No one looks beautiful with the wind wrapping a veil around their head.

Small Gatherings

Even small gatherings can take on a formal feel, but consider your location when choosing accessories. If you are getting married in a fancy restaurant, then it is perfectly fine to have a more formal look, but if the wedding is in your home, tone it down a bit. Flowers need to be somewhere between wildflowers and long stem roses. Shorter veils are elegant, and clothing can be long gowns or casual dresses.

Formal Events

If you are having a full blown church wedding with all the trimmings, don’t hold back when accessorizing. Wear a long cathedral veil with crystals like the ones from, and carry an oversized, cascading bouquet. All female attendants can wear high heels as well as drop earrings and detailed necklaces in rhinestones or crystals. Long gowns are traditional for such formal gatherings. Even the mother of the bride and groom can wear more formal styles.

It doesn’t matter what type of wedding you have or where the ceremony takes place as long as it is the wedding of your dreams. Having the proper accessories for your individual ceremony will ensure that it is a beautiful day where everyone will look their best.