Omega Seamaster Professional

When you are looking for something that would inspire a rugged marine style but with a classy side to it this beautiful Omega Seamaster Professional is the perfect watch. With lovely shades of blue and a beautiful design, the watch has been made for a real man so there’s no doubt that you will be admire. This collection first appeared in 1947 and it comes with a bond style design that will definitely stand out in the crowd. This watch is famous for being worn in James Bond  movies so you know it’s a fashion statement, regardless of the caliber of event you are going to, be it a formal even or just a casual night out with friends or family. You will definitely look amazing either way with this cool versatile watch.

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The blue dial contrasts nicely with the finely brushed cold grey stainless steel, making this a very easy to accessorize watch to any outfit, whether it is formal or casual. It comes with a scratch proof sapphire crystal that allows maximum visibility regardless of the quantity of light. The diameter of the watch is 40mm, making this a medium sized watch, perfect for any type of wrist be it big or smaller. The useful date function is tastefully inserted at three o’clock being easily visible without disturbing the continuous lines of the stylized dial. The two crowns are situated at three and then o’clock, fitting in nicely with the flow of the watch and giving it a rather rugged character. The Omega logo is present at twelve o’clock, being visible, but not too loud.

So if you want a watch that is both very resistant, durable, built out of the best materials possible with a painstaking attention to detail, but also a watch that has a very beautiful design, with nice lines and great little details, a watch that can be worn to just about any event, regardless of caliber, then the Omega Seamaster Professional is clearly the watch for you. You will never fail when it comes to social appearance while wearing this astonishing popular watch.