Mentioning Few Valuable Tips to Know Fake Gold Chain

All chains shining like gold isn’t designed of the valuable metal gold. In market, there are items plated with shining metal, which looks similar to gold made jewel item, and are available for you. To identify the real valuable item is quite confusing and often consumers get duped. If you plan to buy a chain made of gold, it will be helpful to know the right way to find if the jewel item isn’t a fake one.

Here are the few hints:

  • Search for hallmark:

In many countries, there is a law initiated that every gold jewel item needs to have a registered stamp indicating its cartage as well as the logo of the maker. There should be manufacture’s symbol/hallmark. Genuine jewel items always have marks like 14K or 14KP (K stands for karat of gold used) along with the maker trade logo permanently embedded in the back part.

  • Chemical test:

Normally to find if the ornament is of gold, nitric acid is rubbed on the centre part of the chain, not on clasps. If it is a fake, the colour will change to dark brownish colour. Some silver chains are plated with metal having quite less proportions of gold which when reacts with nitric acid will change into white colour.

  • Tester kit:

You can even buy a tester kit or use an electronic tester.

  • Weight:

The weight of items made of gold is always heaver then fake yellow shining metals.

  • Magnetic test:

If the chain attracts any magnetic substances, then it is composed of other metals too. In such gold accessory the proportion of gold is quite less and other metals ratio is quite high in the making of it.

Often gold ornaments makers try to add other metals to lower the proportion of gold added to make the ornament. The purity of gold becomes quite less, which turns to be quite profitable venture for them as the buyer won’t be able to identify the difference between substandard ornaments of gold and superior quality gold ornaments.

In worldwide market gold chain price is always rising which makes all the glittering gold ornaments more valuable asset. Thus the consumer must wisely buy the chosen gold chain design from trusted jewellers.

As there are numerous jewellery stores in your locality, finding a trustable shop will be quite difficult.

Useful pointers to know genuine jeweller:

  • Creditability:

You can ask your associates and friends to suggest a good seller of gold ornaments in your living locality. You can even check their creditability from the ratings posted by their earlier customers in the shop’s website.

  • Understand the variations in gold:

It affects the purity of the metal, lustre and the price of the jewel items. The gram weight and gold chain designs determine the rate of the jewellery pieces. Thus, best to verify the rates of the varied type of gold before embarking to buy the valuable ornaments.

  • Don’t go for lower carat gold:

Lower the carat mentioned on the jewellery piece, the purity of the gold present is quite less. Higher marked carat items are the pure ones.