Material Type Metal Jewelry

In Studio La Gioielli, jewelry-making is the most important matter. Metals often we know used to make jewelry may only silver and gold, but it is still a lot of metal in circulation in the world that you know it can not be forged to be and no less beautiful jewelry with precious metals gold and silver. With the advances in technology today, the metal – metal that was once unknown area can rival precious metals gold and silver that have won the trust of the public.

Consideration in the manufacture of jewelry, among others:
The cost of making, of course, the cost of manufacture should be adapted to your pocket. Because it is to make jewelry out of most types of metal required a special skill you master while not necessarily completely. If already mastered, it takes time, effort and thought were a bit even if you are already an expert. Time, energy, ideas and thoughts is a valuable investment in the manufacture of jewelry in addition to the type of materials used.
Materials affect jewelry design. Suppose you make jewelry made of titanium that is not easily obtained, it will be easier to make jewelry made of silver that is easily obtained. Additionally, when you create jewelry designs consist of a mixture of metal materials, of course, it will affect the way and jewelry-making techniques from the start.
Hardware support in making jewelry is very dependent on the selection of materials you use. The more complicated the manufacture of jewelry, usually the more complicated anyway equipment used in the manufacture of jewelry. Usually, there are forging equipment, smelting, folding up the metal gluing.

Each type of metal has a unique blend of character and, different from one another.

• Pure silver is pure silver with a content of about 99.9%. The most common feature silver shiny and soft.
• Sterling silver is a metal blend containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other components, usually copper.
• Argentium Silver is a silver anti- stain. Generally two times harder than Sterling Silver.