Leather clothes: New trends of fashion

Summer is at the door, and the showrooms of clothing stores are already full of light and colourful clothing: this year fashion trends are oriented to bright colours and models inspired by the 70s and 80s.

The most used colours for female fashion are yellow and pink, in all their shades and intensity, in addition to the classic and timeless white. This year’s trends are oriented towards the excess: in addition to the very bright colours we will have very high platform shoes, flashy accessories and tops and skirts covered with rhinestones.

One of the tissues that will be among the protagonists of fashion is the leather: leather jackets, leather pants, leather boots and much more. is not gone out of fashion over the years, but we usually wear it in the winter: in the latest fashion shows, instead was presented as a spring and summer material.

Who does not love the leather? It is fashionable, sensual and if you wear a tight leather pants everyone will notice your curves. The real travel companion is leather clothing: you can wear it all hours of day and night without mistake.

SerieNumerica is a fashion brand that focuses on leather clothing and produces unique and original garments. This fashion house is famous especially for the quality and for its “Made in Italy”, a very important feature in fashion. Featuring a unique and modern style, a proposal dedicated to everyone who appreciates the value of tradition, re-proposed in a modern key. The brand offers clothes and handbags made of genuine leather. All the products are made with the best handmade materials.  in the leather clothing section, you will find all the new proposals for the summer: let’s see a few examples together.

The elastic leather jacket is hand-crafted 100% and has two pockets and zip closure: this jacket is suitable for all occasions and can be combined with any type of look. There are other models of leather jackets, such as the bomber, also 100% handmade: the long jacket has front zip closure and side pockets. Two jackets that, in addition to being gorgeous, can boast high-quality fabric and the attention to details.

Another attire of high quality craftwork is the elastic leather gilet, beautiful on an elegant dress and trendy if worn with jeans and a blouse. These are just a few examples of leather clothing proposed by Serienumerica but on the website, is possible to choose from many models.

Are you ready for the summer? Let’s go shopping!