How to wear colors

We all have preferences when it comes to clothing: Those who prefer the classic, who the casual, those who feel comfortable with jeans and shirt and those who need comfort and opt for sneakers. Often, our preferences vary according to the time, mood, need or simply according to the commitments made (work dinner, disco night, pizza with friends). What is unlikely to change is our taste in colors: we will always have a range of favorite colors and one of the colors that we would never wear. Certainly, also in this case depending on the seasons and the mood will change our preferences, but we will always be tied to some types of shades and follow our tastes without thinking too much.

But what is the color ultimately? Color is the visual perception generated by the nerve signals that retinal photoreceptors send to the brain when they absorb electromagnetic radiation into light. All the colors we perceive are obtained by the mixing of three “primary” colors. Primary colors are a tight set of colors from which you can combine any other color. When asked what is our favorite color the answer often corresponds to different aspects of our personality. Many studies have shown that our mood, as well as appetite and even blood pressure and some metabolic functions of our body are affected by the colors. For this reason, we should pay close attention to the colors that surround us. What is the meaning of colors? What can lead a person to prefer a color? The color closest to your tastes or the farthest one can reveal different aspects of your character. In addition, the preference for a particular color may correspond to a well-defined mood or moment of a person’s life. Even the temperament of an individual can be revealed by choosing a color as well as attitudes and character.

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