How to grow the eyelashes naturally

Today we are going to answer the question of the people who often keep asking about the growth of the eyelashes and wonder whether that do eyelashes grow back? The answer to this question is a big yes, and you can do it naturally at home as well.

Which could be the best solution for it?

Natural solutions are always the best solutions for any beauty treatment as the natural products react less to your skin, are the least harmful and show the predictable results. Growing the eyelashes with the help of some natural remedies can help you a lot in saving you the time and money in the stuff that you will have to buy from the store.

Natural is always the best!

Putting on the fake eyelashes with the help of the glue is something precarious and harmful. You never know what chemicals added to the paste and above all, you have to apply it so close to the eye that a little mistake could cause you such consequences that you will have to suffer for the rest of your life. On the other hand, mascara is a comparatively safe option as it does not contain glue, but it does have chemicals in it as well. So avoiding the artificial means could save you from getting into trouble.

What are benefits of the natural solutions?

The natural solutions are very beneficial compared to the other means of growing the eyelashes. The first thing is that you have to invest a lot in them. You have to buy them, again and again, keeping your skin at stake. Secondly, these solutions are not permanent. You have to wear them every time you get ready, and they will wear off again. So a natural substitute would be better as it will help sustain the results longer than you can think.

So how to grow the eyelashes naturally?

A couple of home remedies and a few added practices in your daily routine can give you longer eyelashes before you know it. Here we have brought the three-way solution for you for growing the eyelashes faster and longer in no time.

  • Castor oil

You need to apply the purest form of the castor oil to your eyelashes to grow them dramatically. You just need a few drops to cover up the eyelashes, and you have to do it three times a week for the least. Make sure you have removed all the makeup form your eyes properly before applying the oil. Best time is to use before going to bed.

  • Coconut and lavender essential oil

These two oils can do wonders for the eyelashes growth and will boost up the process of thickening and elongate the lashes. All you have to do is to mix equal amount of both the oils and apply it to the eyelashes once every week.

  • Massage

Last but not the least is to massage the eyelashes regularly with your fingers. Do it at least twice a week or every day/ the results would be magical.