Exciting Tips To Aid Your Fashion Startup Using Digital Marketing

We are going to be discussing some of the aspects of a business which is successful and what makes it different from the rest of its competition. The fashion industry is one of the most heavily competitive market. Availability of talent is present in abundance. Hence, two of the requirements to enter the industry includes producing clothes which are designed magnificently and does not lack quality. Let’s cut to the chase and see how we could use the glorious internet for marketing purposes of a fashion start-up.

1.Define what your brand is all about.

Before you start off promoting your brand, you must ensure what your brand is all about and things which do not define your brand. It must be ensured that the message your brand is delivering, includes the several market segmentations, price ranges and target consumers. It helps to differentiate your business and makes it easier for consumers to understand the message being delivered.

An example can be used to clarify the situation:

“Brand X is a brand which deliver American work wear collection along with traditional and casual fit for professional men ages 40-60. It is unique for delivering top-quality product for reasonable prices”

  1. The Fundamental Marketing Framework.

As we all know, the basic framework for marketing include the infamous 4Ps.

  1. Product

It refers to the goods and services which firms provide in order to fulfil the needs of consumers. To achieve successful sales, they must ensure that the product does not fail to fulfil the expectations of potential consumers and also maintain quality.


This is where most start-up firms tend to screw up. They must make sure that their pricing is set in a range which will reflect the type of clothes they are offering. If they are willing to enter the market as a firm offering clothes for regular purpose, such as, T-shirts or sweatpants, they can use market-penetration pricing in the beginning. It can allow them to compete in the market easily. It can be helpful as we already know that fashion industry is hyper-competitive. However, it might make an impression to consumers that it is one of the many businesses offering clothes for regular purpose, which can be harmful if you are willing to sell luxurious clothing. Also, price skimming can be used which involves charging a high price, at first. It can build up a reputation for the firm to be known as a high-end brand. However, sales might suffer due to presence of heavy competition.

  1. Place

The method of distribution for the product is important as it can influence how consumers perceive your product.

You may own a physical shop or may carry out e-commerce but having your own space allows you to create the environment according to your wish and manipulate it in such a manner so that consumers can easily receive the message that the brand is trying to convey.

Also, having a website can be labelled as mandatory because in this internet-based era there can be no better way than attracting consumers using the internet itself!

  1. Promotion

Promotion is vital because it is the only way a firm can communicate with their consumers and show them what the hype is all about!


It is the most effective yet traditional way to promote one’s product in this competitive market. It can be ridiculously expensive, but it can help the firm to attract a wider range of consumers and build up a prestige for its firm.


With the growing use of internet as a platform for various purposes, it happens to be one of the most popular platform which can help in promoting your good and services as it has a very wide reach of audience. It can help to communicate with consumers who use the social media as it is one of the most efficient features of internet, in case of communication. Also, most of the times it can be ridiculously cheaper than traditional advertising. However, they can only reach potential consumers who have access to the internet and uses the particular website. This must be kept in the back of the head as firms can plan to use pop-ups to advertise but honestly, 9/10 times, pop-ups get ignored and can annoy most people.

A fashion business must make sure that they do not appear as desperate or needy in front of their potential consumers because it can hamper the brand image.

Also, using extremely mainstream social media websites, such as, Facebook or Pinterest, for marketing one’s products and services might not be a good idea always. Fashion businesses are known for using Instagram and Pinterest as marketing platforms because they allow their pictures to display more aesthetically and appear more appealing to the viewer’s. However, Instagram does not allow using live links as image captions. We must also take into consideration that many small business has been reported to have used such social media to promote themselves. The method and medium of marketing eventually, counts down to what kind of good and products the business is selling and what kind of image they are willing to create in the market.