Easiest way to propose to which no girl can say no

If you have a girlfriend and you want to marry her, there is more effort required than dating. Girls get impressed with the boys on a deeper level. If you are trying physically, it’s never going to work. So try to take them on a deeper level and show them how much you care for them. Here are a few ways which can help you with that:

·T shirt proposal:

One of the easiest ways to propose your girlfriend and make it memorable too is by wearing a shirt. Many of you might be wondering that how can one do that? Well, it is simple. All you have to do is to buy a shirt and write a proposal on it. There are many shops in the market, who are designing shirts like that. This way you can save it as a memory too or you can wear it some time.

·Surprise cake:

Another sweet way to propose is by proposing it sweetly. That’s right. You can now order a cake in which you can hide the Caratlane Engagement Rings. Now let your girlfriend cut the cake and let her find out the pendant. This is a sweetest way to propose your girl. After that, you can eat your first cake as a couple. However, make sure to order the one with her favorite flavor.

·Where you first met:

Another way to propose your girlfriend is by taking her to the place where you first met her. This can only happen when you remember where you met her first. So take some notes beforehand. You can go on your knees and propose to her. If possible, make sure to have different lightings around the place. This will make it look more romantic.

·Banner proposal:

Another cool idea to propose your girlfriend is by using the banners. You can place it in her workplace or you can give her a surprise in her own home. Go to a banner shop and ask the shopkeeper to make a banner with your favorite quotes or lines. Then take it and hang it in the room beforehand. When she sees the banner, get on your knees and ask her hand. There is no way she can say no to this.

·Long drive:

Another romantic way to propose your girlfriend is by taking her on a long drive. Select a night with a full moon and ask her to go with you. Take her to the place where there are trees and moonlight. When she gets mesmerized with the beauty of nature, ask her to marry you. This will increase the chance of her saying yes.

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