Ashleigh plus Size Style Mistakes that age you

Style mistakes that age you

You might have ditched the heavy eyeliner, mom jeans and sheer tights but there are plenty of other style choices that can age you. You don’t want what you wear to give away your real age, or worse, make you look older than you actually are. In that case, here’s some expert anti-ageing advice about what to avoid.

Hiding your neck

Our necks are often one of the first places to show signs of age, so it’s not unusual for people to grab the nearest turtleneck to hide behind. However, this can often do the exact opposite, so it’s usually best to go for a scoop neck or v-neck that will draw attention to the décolletage area. A collared shirt can give a little more coverage, and you should always be wary of choosing a top or a shirt that shows too much cleavage.

Failing to utilise shapewear

You have shapewear, but it only tends to come out for special occasions. Sound about right? Slimming garments can take years off your age because they help to hide all of those lumps and bumps that you might not always feel confident about. Choosing something in a size smaller will never help you slim down, it will only make you feel less confident about your body and uncomfortable when you’re at an event and feel like you have to suck in.

Jeans that have too much stretch

While stretch can be a godsend to those who dress for comfort, erring too much on the side of stretchiness will only lead to you looking frumpy. When shopping for jeans, look for a pair that has at least 2 percent elastic fibre. A good pair of jeans should enhance your silhouette and have enough stretch so that you can walk comfortably. Anything that’s looser will start to sag after a while.

Wearing too much black

As we age, our skin tends to become paler and while black is a colour that’s never out of style, wearing too much of it at a certain age can tend to emphasise wrinkles and dark shadows under the eyes. If you’re wearing a black outfit, make sure you add a colourful accessory such as a statement necklace. When shopping on sites such as Ashleigh Plus Size, you should also look at clothes in earthly colours such as cocoa, olive, camel and grey which will still provide a welcome contrast.

Hemlines that are way too long

You might be increasing in age but that doesn’t mean that you should be increasing the length of your skirt too. Skirts or dresses that go past the needs can make women look wider than they actually are, so it’s important to find the right skirt length for your shape. To do this, look in a floor length mirror and take note of the slimmest part of the area around your knee. This is where you should aim for your hemline to hit and this way, you won’t be adding years to your age.