4 Beauty Shortcuts for the Working Student

Young woman eating a healthy breakfast

The life of a working student can be hard. Sleepless nights, working before exams, and having to study on every work break can really run one down. So how women can fit beauty into this mix? It might require a few shortcuts, but it is definitely doable. Some shortcuts might be a bit extreme for some, but for others they make perfect sense.

All-In-One Foundations

With primers, concealers, and foundations galore, it can take a long time to prepare one’s makeup. Instead of spending time and money on all of these different products, opt for all in one foundations. These foundations go on in one swipe, rather than layers. In less than 60 seconds, the face makeup can be applied and blended.

Using Wigs to Save Time

Wigs are easier to keep clean and combed than the hair on one’s head. Natural oils, sleeping, and hair growth wreak havoc on a style, whether it be over the course of the day or weeks. Human hair African American wigs can be styled in one particular way, and then maintained over the course of weeks. The wig can be removed and stored safely overnight, preventing it from becoming a mess like hair normally would during sleep.

This can save women hours of time every single week!

Tattoo Make Up

Lots of women consider eye makeup to be important to their everyday look. Many are even jumping onto the tattooed makeup bandwagon because it’s far easier! Eyeliner can be tattooed on, offering a permanent, perfect look without the effort. This may seem excessively odd for some women. For those who have to wear eyeliner every day, it’s an ingenious solution to a mundane daily routine.

Pre-Assembling Outfits

Everyone’s been through it: it’s time to leave, but the shirt that’s needed to match the outfit is missing. Next, the jewelry to go with the outfit simply can’t be decided on. Instead of having to deal with this issue every morning, try spending an hour every laundry day on assembling the outfits for the week. Lay out shirts, pants, jackets or vests, socks, shoes, jewelry, and accessories for the outfit. This way, it’s easy to grab and go with no hassles!

Working and attending school can be exhausting. Trying to keep up a knock out appearance can be even harder for the fashion and beauty minded; a few lifesaving shortcuts can make life a lot easier in the mornings!