10 Styles For Purple Ombre Hair (and other Ombre Styles) That Are To Die For

Purple Ombre hair is quite the popular style these ideas. Ombre hair has taken the world by storm and purple ombre is no exception. From blends of dark and light purples to rainbow ombre hair, there are so many fun and vibrant options.

We have put together a look of some of our favorite ombre styles, including some of the hottest looks for purple ombre. So if ombre hair is in your future, you will have plenty of options available when it comes time to make the commitment.

Check out our gallery of ombre hairstyles from purple ombre hair to other vibrant ombre shades. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

10 Trendy Styles of Purple Ombre Hair and Other Ombre Styles

  1. Reverse Purple Ombre

This reverse ombre style is super cute. Start with dark purple tips and then fade to a pale lilac for a look that will shimmer in the sun! This mid length bob is very stylish but the reserve ombre effect will work with any hair length and texture.


  1. Mermaid Ringlets

If you love purple but want to incorporate other colors as well, this pretty mermaid look is out of this world! The dark jade green and electric blue balayage tones  at the top is so pretty and then it fades into bright purple ringlets at the tips. You’ll feel like a sea princess with this trendy ombre look for purple hair!


  1. Purple and Pink Balayage

If you want a look that’s totally feminine and chic, this pretty lavender and cotton candy pink combo is simply stunning. Dye your hair mostly this lavender and then add some soft pink streaks for a striking contrast that will turn heads everywhere you go. This look is even prettier when paired with a dark matte lipstick and bright eyeshadow.


  1. Bright Blue and Purple Braids

With braided hairstyles taking the world by storm, why not try this dazzling balayage with bright blue and purple tones. The random, interwoven braids will help bring out the multi faceted tones on this dramatic style. Let your ends cascade down in a waterfall effect just past your ears is certainly a trendsetter!


  1. Brown and Purple Ombre

Want to add some color to your light brown locks? This pretty balayage mix of lavender, lilac and ash brown is very pretty and girly. It looks especially stunning on girls with curls! And it adds a ton of volume and depth to your hair for a look that’s shiny and sassy!


  1. Rainbow Burst Of Blonde

If you want a look that is over the top, this rainbow bright ombre is fun and edgy. It starts off with pale and buttery blonde tones and fades into a fiery magenta,, melts into a bright purple and ends with an electric blue for a look that’s bold and vibrant!


  1. Black and Blue Edgy Pixie

Are you brave enough to go super short? This feathered pixie is very stylish on it’s one but if you start with a charcoal black base and then add icy baby blue tones, you’ll have a look that will capture every eye from near and afar! This look is tailor made for those who want a dramatic and edgy new look.


  1. Sassy Sunflower Yellow and Black Ombre

This look will definitely turn heads when you enter a room! The bright yellow and fiery orange tones are reminiscent of a summer sunflower. The black base provides the perfect backdrop for this artist style. Leave your tips black and dye the bottom vibrant yellow and orange. If you want to add some funk to this colorful look, copy the spiral buns pictures here for a look that’s unique and captivating.


  1. Rose Gold Waves

This rose gold and amber combo is very feminine and alluring. The two shades add the subtle bit of contract to add dimension to your tresses. The long waves are very classy if you are going for a glamorous look that is both modern and retro at the same time.


  1. Icy Edgy Pixie

Another great short look is this super adorable pixie. The long bangs give it a mysterious and playful feel. We love the mint green, lilac and baby blue hues that make this already cute cut tres chic! If you want an edgy look that is still super cute, this one’s for you!


Ready to try one of these tempting looks for purple ombre hair? Or one of the other cute looks pictured here? We think you can totally rock one of these awesome looks for ombre hair!

Remember, ombre hair may take several trips to the hairdressers to complete. Or several days if you are doing it yourself. However, it is well worth the effort. As well, it will require some upkeep but once you go ombre, you won’t go back to your old hair color!