Why You Should Invest in Costumes of the 1980s

In this day and age, it is a fairly simple matter to find an authentic looking Halloween costume for a reasonable price. Whatever your budget is, you can almost certainly use the web to find a costume that will meet your needs quite well. This is another manifestation of the way that online technologies have transformed the world of modern retail. Whether you buy your costume from a big retailer or a small boutique shop, you’ll likely be satisfied.

People who want to stand out at Halloween parties would do well to invest in memorable 80’s costumes. As a number of cultural commentators have noted, enough time has passed that the 1980s has largely been rehabilitated in the mind of the public. Just a few years ago, the fashion and music of the 1980s were widely ridiculed. However, our popular culture is now heavily influenced by the 1980s. Even young people who weren’t alive during that decade have now embraced the decade’s aesthetics to one degree or another. Some of the biggest modern pop stars have refashioned 1980s fashions in a way that is slightly less gaudy or over the top.

When planning your 1980s-style costume, you probably won’t want to minimize gaudiness. In fact, you’re almost certain to make a bigger impression if you play up the ridiculous nature of 1980s fashions. Assuming you don’t wear an imposing 1980s wig, you’ll want to use plenty of hairspray. After all, the 1980s was a time when men and women alike became enamored of having big hair. If you’re going for a glam-rock look, be sure to wear blue jeans that are as tight as you can stand. Neon headbands, collars and ripped jeans also play big roles in 1980s fashion styles. In contrast with the workaday flannels of the early 1990s, ’80s fashions emphasized bright, attention-getting colors. If you like leather or vinyl clothing, ’80s clothes made from these materials use unusual colors like red, yellow and blue. ’80s makeup styles also emphasize bright color and colors that one might think of as clashing in a modern context.

By choosing to wear a loud, attention-getting ’80s costume, you show you are willing to become the talk of your circle of friends. If your costume is too restrained, this essentially defeats the purpose of emulating ’80s icons in the first place. During the 1980s, quite a few commentators argued that the fashions of the era were disposable and would soon be forgotten. Although 1980s fashions are referenced with a sense of irreverence and fun, it seems clear that the styles of this decade have enduring appeal.

Reviewing your Halloween costume options is quite easy when you engage in Internet research. As you look through the various costumes available for sale, you should purchase a costume that is made from durable material. Fortunately, the 1980s was the decade of polyester, a fabric that is extremely durable. When you invest in polyester clothing, you can be fairly sure that this clothing will last for years to come.