Why Do Designer Clothing Logos Make Us Want to Buy the Clothes?

What does the Stone Island logo compass logo make you think about? How about the Polo Ralph Lauren pony logo?  Well, if the Stone Island logo made you picture high quality outdoor clothing that will keep out the worst of the weather and the Ralph Lauren logo made you think about stylish, sporty style clothing, then you’ve just experienced the power of iconic brand logos!

Iconic clothing brand labels need to be simple to be effective. They also need to be appropriate to the brand, timeless and they need to look as great on advertising literature and storefronts as they do on the front of a polo shirt or a winter jacket.

Both the Polo Ralph Lauren and Stone Islands are prime examples of how a logo can convey the essence of a brand at a glance. Interestingly, though, both logos were invented by accident.

Stone Island – An Iconic Fashion Brand

The stone Island logo came about because the brand’s founder, Massimo Osti, was a keen sailor. His first designs for the Stone Island Tellar jacket were based on his interest in how the waterproof properties tarpaulin could be used to make clothes. The logo is very simple, and it conveys the essence of the brand very well. The very thought of clothing that can withstand the harshest weather at sea, infers quality and durability.

Once the preferred designer brand of British football supporters, Stone Island has gone through some image changes over the years. The high-quality clothes of Stone Island are now a part of the streetwear scene and can often be seen being worn by celebrities, such as the rapper Drake.

Polo Ralph Lauren – an Iconic Brand Logo Discovered by Accident

The polo player logo of Ralph Lauren is another designer brand that has come to symbolise quality and style. It is also another logo that came by accident, rather than by design.

Ralph Lauren started out the fashion business selling men’s neckties. It was while he was looking at some pattern designs for his ties that he first saw the polo pony motif and he thought that it would make a good logo for his clothing range.

The Polo Ralph Lauren logo first appeared on the cuff of the brand’s tailored women’s shirts. It later appeared on the famous men’s Ralph Lauren polo shirts and on other garments. One of the reasons that Ralph Lauren liked the logo so much was that it looked a piece of jewellery on a garment.

The image of the polo player conjures up images of class and style, which is perfect for the Ralph Lauren brand. It’s also simple and very effective, and it can be used on any type of garment.

Both of these logos are excellent examples of designer fashion brand logos that have become iconic symbols of high quality clothes. Other examples include Comme des Garcons Play heart logo and the Canada Goose Arctic logo, which also convey the essence of a clothing range perfectly. Great logos like these make the clothes instantly recognisable and they inspire brand loyalty, which is why an iconic brand logo will make you choose one designer brand over another, even when the clothes are of a similar style and quality.